Albert Pyun to Remake CYBORG!

You couldn’t  get through the nineties without multiple viewings of the Van Damme/Pyum skiffy classic Cyborg.   You saw it on cable.  You saw it on VHS.  You saw it in your dreams.  It was just part of your life.  And now it seems that a remake may be in our future, helmed by Pyun himself.  He had this to say to Twitch:

It will be an epic of post apocalyptic cyber punk movie filled with an Expendables type all star casting of action stars. I think it will be a  true metal classic! A violent mash up of my Cyborg and Nemesis action movies. Should begin shooting in late summer.

Hmmm … sounds intriguing.  And for those who don’t remember Cyborg:   Check out the original theatrical trailer after the jump …

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