TEKWAR Movies Streaming!

What will the world look like in the 2040s?  What will cars look like?  What will the Internet be like?  We don’t know.  But in 1994 we saw one version of this via “Tekwar” a television adaptation of a series of cyberpunk novels by William Shatner (and several anonymous ghostwriters).  It’s a big pile of retro cyber goodness.  Sure, a lot of it’s cribbed from William Gibson and similar sources.  But other bits of it predict Minority Report and The Matrix.  They even use the term:  The Matrix.   The series has been available on DVD for quite some time.   But, until now, the four original television movies weren’t.  And they’re the best bit.

Now, thanks to Netflix, you can watch all four of the these TV movies via their streaming “watch instantly” feature.  These TV movies originally aired as part of Universal’s Action Pack.  The same syndicated package which gave rise to “Hercules Legendary Journeys“.

So strap on the VR glove, sit back and prepare for wonderful six-hour ride  into a nineties vision of the 21st century.  Not to mention a great performance by The Shat himself!

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