SCREAM 4 Reviews!

The low awaited sequel Scream 4 hits theaters today and here are some of the first reviews.   And they’re mostly positive!  The New York critics are a bit surly about.  But that’s to be expected.   A surly horror film review is a central to NYC as the bitter taste of diner coffee.

Read them after the jump …

“‘Scream 4’ is a strange concoction, clever and self-knowing in the extreme and yet operating in primal ways that bypass wit. Something about it feels very modern.” — SF Chronicle

“Scream 4″ finds a way to live up to its gory past while it carves out new terrors in new ways (new media helps).”  — Los Angeles Times

“Though director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson don’t quite generate the lightning-in-a-bottle energy that made their first Scream movie a hit, they manage to awaken a 15-year-old slasher franchise that has been dormant for a decade.” — Dallas Morning News

“Wes Craven’s third sequel in this genre defining series delivers what can probably best be described as a relentlessly self-referencing, intentionally self-defeating and willfully self-parodying meta-fest, that is seriously fun, seriously funny, but most seriously not scary.” —Sydney Morning Herald

“[T]he return of not only Craven but original screenwriter Kevin Williamson and the surviving cast elevates this one beyond the typical cash-in sequel.” — Dread Central

“The best of the Scream sequels …” — Reel Film Reviews

“The best Scream since the original.” — Cinemablend

“Like its predecessors, “Scream 4” replaces the values of storytelling and suspense with the value of being in on the joke. Unfortunately, in the 11 years since “Scream 3,” the joke has gotten pretty old.” — New York Times

“Despite the witty banter, the story’s as disposable as a blonde in a tight sweater …” — The Daily News

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