Stan Lee Tweets His Captain America Cameo!

Stan Lee was on the set of Captain American: First Avenger yesterday and shared the experience with his fans via a series of tweets.  He started by sharing this bit of news:

Marvel Studios has upgraded my cameo for the Captain America movie! They’ve given me one more word of dialogue than originally planned!

Underlined the point:

As you know, I never ever brag, but it’s obvious they must have felt a star such as I deserves a bigger role.

Then told us what this would mean:

Of course, that extra word of dialogue means I have to re-study my role. I’ve only a few hours before my eagerly anticipated performance

Then he informed us when the great event would come:

Harken ye, my warriors! The moment hath come. The director calls. All eyes my way do turn as upon the set doth fall an expectant hush.

Then wrapped the whole thing up:

Rejoice, my brave Brigadiers! Thy beloved Generalissimo hath returned from his hazardous Captain America cameo, victorious and unscathed!

Isn’t it embarrassing that an eighty-eight year-old man is better at using Twitter than everyone in Silicon Valley combined?  That was meant as a rhetorical question.  But if you have anything to say about this, share your thoughts in the comments section!

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