Here’s the brand new trailer from Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s book The Vengeful Djinn.  Anyone who’s doing any series reading in the paranormal is familiar with Ms. Guiley.  She’s published over forty books, including several comprehensive.  Including one which people keep trying to steal from the GRN offices.  (“You know who you are, Mandy!”)  This latest book covers a much neglected but fascinating subject … the djinn.

The djinn, or genies as they’re more commonly known, are a fascinating group of beings.  And in this book, Ms. Guiley, along with her co-writer Philip J. Imbrogno, claims the djinn are still active in our world today.  And that they have a dark purpose.  A very dark purpose.  To take over planet earth.  Because they believe it rightfully belongs to them.  Insert suitable shudder here!

For more information of the book click here.

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