Lindelof Not Up for Geek Fight!

George R. R. Martin vs. Damon Lindelof.  It looked to be one of the best geek fights in online history.  It had it all.   Sci-fi vs. fantasy.  TV vs. literature.  Young vs. old.  Twitter vs. The New Yorker.  In short, a big crateful of awesome.

It all began when fantasy author George R. R. Martin told The New Yorker that he was taking his time with end of his book series (A Song of Ice and Fire), because he didn’t want it to have a conclusion like “Lost”.

I felt so cheated when we got to the conclusion [of ‘Lost’] … I want to give [my readers] something terrific … if I do a ‘Lost’? Then they’ll come after me with pitchforks and torches.

Hear the rest of this thrilling story after the jump …

When “Lost” show runner Damon Lindelof got wind of this, he hit Twitter with vengeance, tossing off  these choice bon mots:

“I’ve just been informed George is working on his feud response. I’ll have it in FIVE YEARS!”


“Two final thoughts, George. A. They weren’t dead the whole time. B. 1997 called. It wants its web design back.”

Not knock-out punches.  But a good solid combination. The fight looked on.

But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly published this morning, Lindelof has all but given up.

He describes himself as “a massive fan” of George R. R. Martin.  He also showed admiration for the craft of novel writing, stating that “it’s a skill set [he] doesn’t have”.  And when the Entertainment Weekly interview attempts to rekindle the feud, Lindelof shoots back:  “Good lord, don’t antagonize him!”

So what was shaping up as a geek fight for the ages …  fizzled in the end.  Kinda like “Lost”.  (“Oh, no ya didn’t!”)  Oh, yes, we did.

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