This Year’s Best April Fools Jokes!

The origins of April Fools Day remain somewhat hazy.   But its popularity seems to be growing year by year.  Now not only does it lead to school yard and office pranks, but the largest companies get in on the act.  Companies like the BBC, Google, Disney and others have regularly been involved in large scale April fools jokes.  And the Internet has embraced the holiday, creating some of the best April Fools Jokes in recent memory.

Here’s some of this year’s better April fools jokes.

Gmail Motion.  Google loves April Fools Day and always goes the extra mile to produce some good jokes.  This one has some great deadpan video which is likely to fool more than a few people.

Helvetica Gag.  This another one from Google.  Type “helvetica” in a Google search window.  And let the fun begin.  We don’t want to spoil this one.  It’s quite clever.

True Mobile Wallet Service.  Mobile Industry News offers this breathless take on tech acquisitions.  Will this fool anyone?  Who knows.  But it’s pretty funny for people who have read stuff like this every day.  Like us.

Do You Know Groucho?  Linkedin offers some easier to spot fun with offers for links to profiles for Grouch Marx and Robin hood.

We’re Just Sooo Excited.  The Guardian has favorite so far.  A “live blog” for the Royal Wedding.  Still 29 days away.

Would You Like this Dance? Our pals at Dread Central have rebranded their site for the day (above).

We’ll update this post throughout the day and into tomorrow as we encounter more jokes we feel worthy of mentioning.  If you see any worthy ones that we’ve missed, list the in the comments section.  We can’t be everywhere!

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