Psychic Predicted Japan Earthquake!

When events like the Japan earthquake occur everyone asks:  Where were the psychics?  Why didn’t they predict this?  Well, here’s at least one psychic who did predict the earthquake.   She does seem to be leaning more toward a Los Angeles quake than a Japanese one, but, still an impressive prediction.  We also heard Adam Curry on the “No Agenda Podcast” predict the earthquake the day before it occurred.  Curry is a conspiracy theorist rather than a psychic.  And he connects the event to an “earthquake machine” and the HAARP array.

Anyone know any other people who predicted this earthquake?

4 Responses to “Psychic Predicted Japan Earthquake!”

  1. I have had many precognitive dreams, but they often come in senses and symbology. Psychics don’t get an AP tickertape feed. Stuff floats into their nets. Sometimes they can identify it, place it into a larger whole that makes sense . . . sometimes they can’t.

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  3. Hello, I read your post. I see world events. I will tell you what I saw in reference to Japan. I saw an earthquake, with an explosion, happening in Japan. I saw a plume of poison gas coming from the explosion, and I saw the mix of sky and sea, I saw it was on the sea, on the coast, in a modern city with ancient ties. I immediately went to the store and bought over 800 pounds of grain, knowing from my “vision” of the future, that the crops would have that poison on it. I moved from the west side of cascades to the east, knowing the poison would rain down on that side in large amounts. They say now on Fukushima Diary Blog that on the west side of the cascades has more radiation than parts of Japan, even. The worse is yet to come. A 9 point is coming to the west side of the USA with a tsunami that will come inland 20 miles almost, a 700 mile long tsunami from Seattle to San Diego. Another tsunami is coming to the east coast of USA from La Palma crashing into the ocean, a tsunami from Maine to Florida. A famine is coming. All the farms should be co-opp-ed now by the government, put everyone back to work, and try to combat the huge famine that is coming to the USA. Learn to grow food, sew clothes, save water, build an outdoor oven. Huge firestorms will sweep the USA, burning it to the ground. Live for today, find joy in the flower, the river, the sun, and Sky.
    many blessings, Marissa Light

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