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Video: Super 8!

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The studio must be bit worried about this film.   Because this trailer hits all the action and suspense beats hard.  Mistake.  That’s not the appeal of this film.  Pity.  The promotion of this film had been very good up till now.

Psychic Predicted Japan Earthquake!

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When events like the Japan earthquake occur everyone asks:  Where were the psychics?  Why didn’t they predict this?  Well, here’s at least one psychic who did predict the earthquake.   She does seem to be leaning more toward a Los Angeles quake than a Japanese one, but, still an impressive prediction.  We also heard Adam Curry on the “No Agenda Podcast” predict the earthquake the day before it occurred.  Curry is a conspiracy theorist rather than a psychic.  And he connects the event to an “earthquake machine” and the HAARP array.

Anyone know any other people who predicted this earthquake?

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