Alcon Secures Rights to BLADE RUNNER!

In this franchise mad world, it was bound to happen.  Some production group would wipe their grubby hands all over Blade Runner.  Arguably the greatest Science Fiction film in movie history.

So who do those grubby hands belong to?  It’s Alcon Entertainment.  Best know for The Blind Side and Book of Eli.  Thankfully, the rights they’ve secured don’t allow them to remake Blade Runner.  But it will allow them to make prequels and sequels, exploiting content specific to the original film.   What would this mean?   A Roy Batty prequel?  Will we see attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion?  C-Beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate?  Ugh … the thought is cringe inducing.

We’re usually fairly sanguine about these things.  But we think:  Grubby Hands + Blade Runner = Genre Rape.   We wouldn’t mind a filmmaker taking another pass at Philip K. Dick‘s original novel.  But the world of Blade Runner should be kept singular and alone.  Are you with us?

4 Responses to “Alcon Secures Rights to BLADE RUNNER!”

  1. Ok, so late last night I caught wind of there being talks about the creation of a new movie in the Blade Runner universe. I also learned that so far, Ridley Scott is not involved?! How can you even talk about making a Blade Runner without Scott at the helm?
    Read More:

  2. […] in March, we reported on Alcon securing the rights to produce prequels and sequels to the film Blade Runner.  At the time we had this to say: We’re […]

  3. […] Alcon Secures Rights to BLADE RUNNER! ( […]

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