Joe Dante Discusses His New Horror Film!

In an interview with Fangoria, Joe Dante offers the plot rundown of his upcoming film Monster Love:

It’s essentially “Romero and Juliet” … You have a group of werewolves who are running wild in Paris, equal parts skater boys and soccer hooligans. The leader of the pack is Pete, the hero, and he encounters Maggie, this modern age tomgirl dressing in black boots and a leather jacket who also happens to be a vampire. They have an encounter in the park one night and fall in love. Maggie is from an older, European, more upper-class group of vampires who don’t approve, and the other werewolves don’t approve, so our heroes have to go through a lot of machinations to try to stay together.

Sounds Underworld + Twilight + Dante Wackiness = Bucket of Win!

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