Latest on HELLRAISER Reboot!

Bloody Disgusting reports the latest on the Hellraiser reboot in an interview with director Patrick Lussier.   Another horror reboot … sigh.  Does this one have a reason for being?  Lussier thinks it does.   The focus will be different, he claims.  And what will that focus be?

Lussier claims the reboot will focus on the Lament Configuration puzzle box and the world it creates:

Yes, the world of the box, the world of what happens within the box and what the box does … I think one of the main things we wanted to do was – Clive has created such a…you know, he’s a real world-builder in everything that he does…all his stories are magnificent…but the ‘Hellraiser’ story feels like you’re only seeing a fragment of what that world is. And because his original ‘Hellraiser’ movie is clearly such a personal film…we talked about it [like it] wasn’t like remaking ‘My Bloody Valentine‘ or something that was very much a great fun movie, original, but at the same time it’s part of a series, like ‘Prom Night’ and ‘Terror Train’. It’s a movie of a time that was created for a specific reason. And with ‘Hellraiser’…we want to be very respectful of the original film and not just try to re-tell that story, because that story exists. You can see that movie any time you want…it’s such a great landmark horror film, obviously, a landmark film by a major artist.

Fans of the franchise will also be pleased with to here that Lussier insists it will be “an R-rated movie” and “it would not be a teen movie”.

What about the cenobites?  Lussier says they’re crucial.  But they will look different:

I will tell you that the original pitch was the look of Pinhead. That’s how we pitched it. But uh…what that is I’m not gonna tell you. But that was very much how we pitched the film.

Is the film in 3D?  Lussier says that hasn’t been decided.  He argues the  “gothic” nature of the material might not be suited to 3D.   Lussier’s current film Drive Angry and his last film My Bloody Valentine are both in 3D.

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