“Cheat Sheet” for David Lynch’s DUNE!

It’s 1984.  You’re an exec at Universal.  One of the films on your release schedule is David Lynch’s adaptation of Dune.  It worries you.  You were hoping for another Star Wars. But you got someting else.   A weird and confusing film.  Not much you can do about the former.  It’s in the can.  But maybe you can do something about the latter. So you make up a glossary and have theater owners distribute it to the patrons.

Did this work?  Hardly.  The film still flopped.  But it did create one of the most sought after bits of movie ephemera ever created.  And now, we here at GRN, can give you look at that weird bit of movie memorabilia.  Here it is as a PDF file that you can view, copy, even print.

Now you too can learn what a “crysknife” is made from, what the empire’s “human computers” are called, and the meaning of Paul’s secret name “Usul”.  Of course, fans of the novel already knew this stuff.  Or most of it. (The film added a few ideas of its own.)  But it’s still great to peruse this bit of movie marketing history.

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  1. […] the the film (pictured above).  For more on how this worked see our post on the subject from 2011 here.  On can also download a PDF copy of the […]

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