New PLANET OF THE APES Illustrated Novel!

BLAM! Ventures recently snagged the licensing rights to the original Planet of the Apes films.  And what do you do when you get the rights to one of best franchises in history?  You create cool stuff for the fans.  The first cool thing they’re creating is an illustrated novel called Conspiracy of the Apes.  Set during the action of the first film, this novel follows the adventures of the astronaut Landon.  Don’t remember Landon?  That’s him bellow.

Yup, he’s the dude that got lobotomized by the apes.  He’s also the one who championed heroism and patriotism, making Taylor (Heston) laugh and laugh.

So his story should present a wonderful counter-narrative to POTA.  Yup, you read that right.  We rocked the term “counter-narrative”.  And we’re not about to apologize for it.   POTA gets us talking all smart-like.  We get all metaphorical and allegorical.  Dig it.

For more information on the book click here.

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