Video: THUNDERCATS Test Footage!

This is a CGI test for a proposed Thundercats movie.   This has been on the net for a few days and has already received the usual critical drubbing.  However, some of that has been a bit out of control.  Like this comment on Youtube:

Thank god this was stopped dead in it’s tracks. I mean really, is it so much to ask for a more adult story AND impressive visuals out of Hollywood? Why do we have to pick one or the other and sometimes get neither?

Um, an “an adult story” for Thundercats?  Thundercats?!?  Do you remember Thundercats?  Hell, you don’t even have to remember it:  It’s a show called Thundercats!

But if you don’t remember Thundercats watch a bit of it after the jump.

Snarf … snarf … adult story … snarf.

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