J.J. Reveals More “Super 8” Plot Details!

J.J. Abrams, after keeping much of this of his upcoming film Super 8 a secret for over a year, has finally begun dropping plot details.  Here’s what we now know:

The movie is set in Ohio in 1979.  It’s about a group of six kids making a Super 8 zombie film.  While shooting this film, they photograph a trail wreck.  They also photograph an alien climbing out of the wreckage.

This is quite close to what was already guessed at.  But it verifies that the movie is a period piece, and that the children are junior filmmakers.  But Abrams thinks this is more than audiences need to know:

To me, all people need to know is that it’s an adventure about a small town and it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s scary and there’s a mystery: What is this thing that has escaped? What are the ramifications of its presence? And what is the effect on people? … But I know that’s not enough. Look, I feel we need a little bit of a coming-out party because we are up against massive franchises and brands and most people don’t know what ‘Super 8’ means. We’re a complete anomaly in a summer of huge films … and we don’t want to be so silent or coy that people don’t care or don’t hear about it.

It may be the anomaly but it’s the film we at GR are looking forward to the most.  And we miss the days when studios could keep the plots of movies under tighter wraps.  And we admire J.J.’s ability to come close to that.

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