BLACK SWAN Special Effects Controversy

So a while back,  a special effect reel from Black Swan started appearing on the web.  It created a bit of controversy because it showed that Natalie Portman’s face had been put on another dancer’s body in some of the dancing sequences.  We didn’t think much of this.  She couldn’t dance en pointe.  No big deal.  What actress can?

But now the studio has not only removed many of these videos from the web.  But they’ve allowed ones to remain that have the face and head replacements indications edited out.   Like this one here.   Or this one.  And we think that is rather a big deal.

The stills accompanying this article are all from the original effects reel.  We managed to snag a copy before it got removed.

3 Responses to “BLACK SWAN Special Effects Controversy”

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  3. […] been a question circling around Black Swan since the Oscar nominations came out.  We covered it here.  But the controversy died down after Portman won the Oscar.    Well, it’s heated up […]

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