Not on DVD Clip Pick: MEGAFORCE (1982)!

If one were to construct a guilty pleasure movie from scratch, you’d probably come pretty close to Megaforce.  It has it all.  Overblown central concept.  Bad casting.  Bad acting.  Lots of stunts and explosion.  Unintentional humor.  Intentional humor that isn’t funny.  And, most importantly, a we’re-making-a-hit attitude that suffuses every frame of this disasterpiece!  Yup, it’s a very impressive thing.  And as if that weren’t enough:   It has Hal Needham (Cannonball Run) at the helm and stars Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show).  This puppy oozes cult cred.

But, sadly, this  mega-cult classic isn’t on DVD.   That’s why we’ve chosen it to inaugurate our new feature “Not On DVD Clip Pick”.  And we chose a clip that displays Megaforce in all its  glory.  This clip has the action, the acting and the attitude that Megaforce fans love.  Or to put it another way :  It’s mega-fun, mega-fantastic  … it’s Megaforce!  Three and a half minutes of video you’ll want to watch over and over again.

6 Responses to “Not on DVD Clip Pick: MEGAFORCE (1982)!”

  1. I love this movie I watched it all the time as a kid when I had it on VHS. Now I can enjoy it on a level of so bad it’s freaking awesome. I wish it were on DVD or hell give me a Blu Ray copy

    • Let’s hope someone realizes that this movie has many fans and gives us some kind of Blu-ray and/or DVD release. Damnation Alley is getting a Blu-Ray release soon. So there’s hope!

  2. First time I saw this I was in the army at FT Lewis Wa, saw a whole theater full of GIs just lose it….was great fun, have a VHS …need a DVD!!!

  3. It’s available these days from a company called Fortune Star.

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