PHOTO: CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Costume — Too Reb Brown?

This (above)  is Chris Evans in his Captain America costume in the upcoming Captain American film.  Ugh … color us unimpressed.  The whole thing feels just too, too Reb Brown.   Don’t remember Reb Brown?

That’s Reb Brown (above).  Not enough for you?  Check out the thrilling ::cough:: video after the jump …

Frankly, right now, we’d rather rewatch the Reb Brown TV movie than the new Chris Evans film.  Because when it comes to cheese, aged cheese is always best!

5 Responses to “PHOTO: CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Costume — Too Reb Brown?”

  1. […] we weren’t too keen on the photo revealing Cap’s costume.  That Reb Brownesque atrocity.  But the Red Skull design is much more to our liking.  This […]

  2. Apparently you dont read the comics or understand that this is a period piece set in WORLD WAR 2. Captain Americas “costume” is actually a UNIFORM. As in “functional, not for display.” It looks nothing like the Reb Brown costume, and, as usual, shitheads like you completely miss the mark. Judging something you have yet to see or experience… One again proving your ignorance. I hope the movie does incredibly well, the you will look like idiots. AGAIN.

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