Gerry Anderson Announces New THUNDERBIRDS Television Series!

This morning the following announcement appeared on the Fanderson (Gerry Anderson Fan Club) website:

Gerry Anderson has today confirmed to Fanderson that he has finalised a deal to to make a new series of Thunderbirds.

We do not know anymore at this time but will communicate further details as they become known.

He also announced this on interviews he was doing with BBC radio dealing with the release of  postage stamps (pictured above) commemorating “Thunderbirds” and several of his other Supermarionation shows  .  However, he didn’t elaborate beyond this basic announcement.

We don’t know if it will be live action, puppet, CGI or something else.  But here’s a test done some years ago for a new puppet version of the series.  We’d love it to be something like this:

See a detailed video about the Gerry Anderson Royal Mail stamps after the jump …

12 Responses to “Gerry Anderson Announces New THUNDERBIRDS Television Series!”

  1. This is very exciting news! I adore Gerry Anderson’s creations, but I especially love Thunderbirds. It is the very first GA production I watched, and I loved every single episode. I own the DVD set, and I watch the shows over and over. I think Gerry Anderson is a genius! I can hardly wait to see the new Thunderbirds!

  2. Oh yes! I totally agree. I am also a big of UFO and Captain Scarlet, both the old and new. In fact, I also own the complete UFO DVD set. I am always so sad when I have watched all the episodes of one of Gerry’s series. But then I just watch them over again, and they are fresh and new. 🙂

  3. […] Gerry Anderson Announces New THUNDERBIRDS Television Series! ( […]

  4. I think it will be CGI … and that’s not good enough.

  5. I think it’s too expensive to do the puppets now so I am ok with the CGI. It’s better than no Gerry Andersen at all. I know I’ll still love it. I hope the series is still moving forward.

    • I guess. Though puppets would be much cheaper, not more expensive than CGI. I think Anderson is afraid people would just find puppets too hokey today. Maybe they would. But I think done right people would love them just as much as they did in the sixties.

  6. was it cancelled

  7. David Chiasson Says:

    I can’t believe it Thunderbirds are go again! When I heard about it it brought tears of joy to my eyes many fond memories too.I can’t wait to see it. I hope it will air in the U.S.A. .

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