Mysterious Big Cat Sightings in Derbyshire!

The new year marks the return of one of our favorite cryptids … the mysterious black cats.  In the last week, there have been three sightings of the panther-like creatures in Derbershire, UK.

The most interesting sighting was by a Sheila Noble an 83 year-old pensioner.   She observed the creature in her backyard, and watched it jump an 18 foot fence.   She further went on to say:

It was about 18 inches from the floor to the top of its head and it had the biggest yellow eyes I have ever seen ….

Yellow eyes … spooky …

We have a lot of cats in this area but this was about four times bigger. It was eating the bird food I had left on the floor. We haven’t had many birds around lately and now I know why.

Ms. Noble also observed the creature the following day, stating:

I have seen pictures before of big cats and I thought it must definitely be one. It was lovely to look at with the most beautiful coat … I will be looking out for it now and I will be taking a photograph if I see it again.

In addition to Ms. Noble others who reported on big cats in the area were:  Kim Williams (50) who saw a big cat exiting a hedge and crossing a local street.  And an unnamed man who found a big cat print while walking his dog.


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