Elijah Wood Will Appear in “The Hobbit” Movie!

The One Ring is reporting today that Elijah Wood will be appearing in Peter Jackson’s film of The Hobbit.  They claim:

TORn can confirm that as of now, the plans are to feature Frodo in the opening sequence of the films. It is unlikely that studio Warner Bros. or Team Jackson would change the script at this point in response to the web buzz so we may have just “spoiled” December 2012 for some, but we warned you.

The sequence will have Frodo reading, or having recounted to him, the tale of “The Hobbit” from Bilbo’s book.  As Tolkien fans all know “The Hobbit” (within the conceit of the LOTR universe) is taken from “The Red Book of Westmarch” written by Bilbo Baggins.  And if you don’t understand the last sentence, don’t worry, you probably had better things to do in High School than memorize Tolkien lore.  Sadly, we didn’t.

This news suggest that someone is worried that people won’t understand this film’s connection to LOTR.  Seems a bit short-sighted.  They’ll probably argue that Wood as Frodo is  a major draw.  Perhaps.  But we doubt it.

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