Audio: Chris Eccleston Reading “The Signalman”!

Another one of these great spooky Christmas readings from the BBC featuring Chris Eccleston.  This time it’s one of the greatest spooky stories of all … Charles Dickens’  “The Signalman”!

5 Responses to “Audio: Chris Eccleston Reading “The Signalman”!”

  1. f1 forum…

    […]Audio: Chris Eccleston Reading “The Signalman”! « Ghost Radio[…]…

  2. One of my favourite Ghost short stories reading by one of my favourite actors ^^ It is so great ^^
    I bought recently the little edition “Best Ghost Stories” from collector’s Library Editions ^^ ( Lovely little books great to put in a bag to go everywhere ^^ ) and the story is one of the selection… ^^
    so I even if there is cuttings in the audio script I can follow with the text.
    And that is FANTASTIC… ^^ ( because English is sadly not my native language so it is very very helpful ^^ )

    So thank you thank you thank you ^^

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