TRON LEGACY has Solid Opening!

We feel that the best summary of Tron Legacy’s opening weekend performance came from Box Office Mojo:

Tron Legacy raked in $44 million on approximately 5,600 screens at 3,451 locations, more than doubling the opening weekend gross of Speed Racer and posting initial attendance comparable to past December release The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008). Those may sound like low hurdles, and one could point out how Tron Legacy fell short of Avatar’s $77 million first weekend or the Star Trek reboot’s $75.2 million. But Tron Legacy had a greater uphill battle than those titles, given the potential niche appeal of its techno-fantasy premise and the status of its 1982 predecessor. Legacy appears to have sold around two and a half times the number of tickets that the original Tron did in its first weekend.

Emphasis ours.  And we emphasize that for a reason.  Because it proves that the attraction of Tron has grown in last twenty years.  Thus, the decision to make a sequel wasn’t misguided.

2 Responses to “TRON LEGACY has Solid Opening!”

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