Rush to Call TRON LEGACY a Bomb!

With its release two weeks off, sites all over the web are rushing to declare Tron: Legacy a bomb.

Slash Film says it could be …

a box office catastrophe that would consign Legacy to the same category of flops such as Ishtar, The Postman or the more recent Speed Racer


While iO9 says …

Tron Legacy is on track to be another disappointment


And THR says …

… first-weekend prospects for Disney’s Tron: Legacy are significantly below where the studio needs to be with its pricey tentpole.


Those who follow films know this a normal rant every Christmas season.  With the competition even fiercer than Summer, the knives come out in an attempt to lend the taint of failure to big releases.  Just remember, early tracking is notoriously inaccurate.  And Tron: Legacy has an awareness level no other December release can match.  Bomb?  We think  not.

And are we the only ones who are tired of the glee some writers take in becoming among the first to declare this, or any film, a bomb?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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