Anne Rice Wants Johnny Depp to Play Jesus!

In a recent interview with Chuck Palahniuk’s website The Cult, Anne Rice had this to say about actors who might play Jesus in a film adaptation of one of her novels:

Well, for the man Jesus, I have always wanted Johnny Depp. I think he would be exactly the person to radiate the goodness and gentleness of Jesus. I think he would be extraordinary. But there are other people who could do it. There’s a great English actor, Richard Armitage, that I think would be wonderful as Jesus. There are quite a few young British actors who I think could do it, but that’s just who springs to mind right now. I don’t think Johnny Depp wants to do it, but I don’t know, maybe he would. It would be wonderful to me if he did. You know who else could do it, is the same person who played him for Mel Gibson, James Caviezel. But I don’t think he would want to play Jesus again.

UK readers will know Richard Armitage (below) for his roles in “Robin Hood” and “Spooks”.

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