DOCTOR WHO is Coming to America!

The BBC announced today that the season six two-part opener will be set and partly filmed in the United States.  As for the story.  This is what the Beeb had to offer:

[It’s] set in the late ’60s in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a secret summons that takes them on an adventure from the desert in Utah – right to the Oval Office itself.

Hmmm … oval office, late sixties.  Is the Doctor gonna meet LBJ?  Or if it’s ’69 he could meet Nixon.  The Doctor meeting Nixon.  There’s a clash we’d love to see!

By why all this hullabaloo about a DW story set in America?  What’s so special about that?  We’ve seen those before.  Haven’t we?  Series show runner Steven Moffat jumps in on that score:

… of course every Doctor Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he’s been in America before.  But not for real, not on location – and not with a story like this one!  Oh, you wait!

We will wait.  Even if we don’t wanna.

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