Snyder on SUPERMAN, Aronofsky on WOLVERINE 2

Warner Bros. announced today that Zack Snyder will helm their latest attempt to reboot the Superman franchise.  The plot, cribbed from Mark Waid‘s Superman:  Birthright, follows the adventures of Clark Kent traveling the globe, trying to decide whether or not to become Superman.

Is this really the best they can come up with?  “Smallville” has done ten years of Clark Kent trying to decide whether or not to become Superman.  Do we really need another two hours?

More superhero movie news after the jump …

Meanwhile, rumors abound that Darren Aronofsky is in negotiations to helm Wolverine 2.  Aronofsky has been bouncing around H’wood looking for a mainstream film without much success.  Talks of him rebooting Robocop fizzled, a Noah’s Ark project sunk, and his plans to reboot Superman were scuppered when Snyder got the job.

Fans of Aronofsky’s artsy oeuvre express shock that he would even consider this.  But they don’t understand the reality of H’wood.  Doing a film like Wolvie 2 sends a powerful message to studio suits.   It says:  I wana be part of the big game.  And that’s a message Darren may want to send.

And that’s if the rumors prove true.  We still have our doubts.

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