“No Ordinary Family” Scores Solid Ratings For Premiere, Twitter Impressed!

ABC’s new drama about a family of superheroes,  “No Ordinary Family” scored the highest ratings for a new ABC show this year.  It landed a 3.1/9 rating/share (18-49) and an estimated median viewership of 10.5 million.  This gave the show a strong 3rd place finish for its time slot. The show also increased in all numbers in its second half-hour.  Always a good sign.

Get Twitter users take on the new show after the jump.

Twitter users seemed impressed by “No Ordinary Family”:

Ilnadmy said:

Who’da thunk it. The best series premiere I’ve watched so far is No Ordinary Family. I was wary of the family aspect, but they pull it off!

Amazonka82 offer this pithy take:

No Ordinary Family -super)))

And BrionSalazar took a jab at “Heroes” in his sub-140 character review:

No Ordinary Family was fun, well-acted, looked good and guess what – the heroes actually use their powers.

Could this bode well for the series?  The phrase “sleeper hit” may soon become apt.

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