“The Event” Ratings Winner, Twitter Loser!

NBC’s new drama “The Event” scored well in the ratings for  its debut.  It landed a 3.9 rating with a 9 share, with a 11.9 million viewers.  This was not quite what some may have hoped.  Still very good for a third place finish.  But Twitter seemed less impressed:

IamRobSimms said:

The Event‘ sucked … I want Flashforward back. Please

KrazviIIan quipped:

I watched the last half of the Event, it was uneventful.

MattTerry expressed his disapproval with an accent:

*nerd voice*Well, The Event is no Lost, that’s for sure! Who do they think they are?*nerd voice*

While Oh_Em_Rachelle wasn’t keen on the music editing:

Dear The Event, you don’t need dramatic music to clue me in. I’ve seen Lost and Fringe. I get it.

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