MTV to Launch Horror/Comedy TV Series!

Caity Lotz who be part of the Undead Task Force on MTV's upcoming horror-comedy series "Death Valley"

The series entitled “Death Valley” follows the adventures of the Undead Task Force which battles monster of all varieties in the San Fernando Valley.  It will be a blend of horror and comedy and star Caity Lotz (“Mad Men”) and Tania Raymonde (“Lost”).   The show will be produced in a documentary style.

MTV production VP Tony Dibari told the Hollywood reporter:

“‘Death Valley’ is the perfect combination of horror and comedy, two genres we know our audience responds to … That blend, combined with a fast pace and gritty ‘follow doc’ visual style, will take viewers on a wild ride where they are never sure what’s around the next corner.

And MTV hopes that big ratings will be around that next corner.  Though horror comedies haven’t had the best track record on TV.

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