Jane Yolen Writes her 300th Book!

Want to feel like the biggest loser in the world?  Like you should win the procrastination of the century award?  Well, stop on over to HuffPo, and check out children’s author Jane Yolen‘s article about the completion of her 300th book “Elsie’s Bird”.

Yup, you read that right.  300th!

But if you’re too lazy to click that link (and since you haven’t written 300 books you probably are) here’s a taste of what she has to say:

What I can really recount, though, are the stories I get back from readers. The little boy in a burn unit who read “How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?” until he did, too. The autistic boy who now goes to bed without elaborate coaching because of “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?.” The daughter who read to her comatose mother from “The Girl Who Cried Flowers” until her educator mother’s eyes blinked open and she said, “The prose, the beautiful prose.” The family who made going out owling a family bonding experience after reading and re-reading “Owl Moon.” The thousands of letters from readers of my Holocaust novel, “The Devil’s Arithmetic,” many of whom are actually finding out about the reality of that hideous flashpoint of history for the first time. The dying child who’s nurse read her “The Girl Who Loved the Wind” about a girl who sails off into the world away from her sheltered life, which — the nurse told me — surely helped the little girl on her final journey. How can anyone forget those kinds of reader reactions?

Okay, so she didn’t only write 300 books, but people actually read and liked them?  That’s not fair.  Not fair at all!.  Pardon us while we get really, really depressed.

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