ASCII Portrait in TRON Source Code.

Nowadays it seems many call themselves geeks without much geek cred.  But those who created the Tron Legacy soundtrack website have serious geek cred.  In fact, their Geek Fu is so strong all we can do is bow down in reverence.  We are weak tea beside them.

For in the source code of this site they’ve included an ASCII portrait of Tron protagonist Flynn (above).   C’mon ASCII … how geekrific is that? And if the dudes behind this site deserve our praise, then almost equal praise must go to Daniel Raffel … the geek who brought this to the attention of Tech Crunch.

Though, Daniel, we worry about you a bit.  Spending your free time looking at website source code!?!  We herald letting your geek flag fly in this way.  But we hope, for your sanity, that this is an occasional activity; and not the way you spend every Saturday night.

End of line.

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