Noomi Rapace Joins Downey in Holmes Sequel!

Just when we think reading has gone the way of the dodo, another publishing phenom comes along to change our minds.  This summer it’s been Stieg Larsson.  Everywhere we went someone was reading one of his books.  And every cocktail party* we attended has been full of discussions of these books or the movie adaptions.

So it comes as no surprise that the star of these films, Nomi Rapace, has been on the wish list of every H’wood production this summer.  Well, it looks like the sequel to the Guy Ritchie helmed, Robert Downey starring Sherlock Holmes film, is the first to snag her.  Industry mavens say she’ll play a gypsy.

*Okay, we don’t really go to cocktail parties.  But we thought if we said dive bars (or worse yet … chat rooms … yikes!) you’d lose all respect for us.

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