Michael Bay Dumps 3D Cameras on Transformers 3!

According to Screen Rant:

Since the start of production a few months ago, Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 has made a number of unfortunate headlines. Now, we have learned from a source close to Bay that the movie is not being shot in 3D as originally believed.

Instead, next summer you will see yet another product guilty of a post-production 3D conversion. Apparently, filming did begin in 3D, but Bay opted out when the production moved to Chicago.

This news has been met with the usual Internet grumbles.  But Brendon Connelly, on Bleeding Cool, treated it with a bit more sophistication.  After stating that he “can even see the value in using post-production 3D techniques where appropriate”, he goes on to argue:

If it’s true, then I’m not mystified by this decision at all. Bay likes nothing if it’s not swinging his camera about recklessly and, whether or not he’s right, he’ll likely be convinced that his familiar 2D kit offers more freedom and liberty. The decision to ditch the 3D rig should help Bay get closer to the visual style he wants in the way he was used to getting it.

And there was me thinking the 3D camera was going to force him to be more thoughtful and change his approach a little.

Bay becoming thoughtful?  Brendon, you silly, silly man.

2 Responses to “Michael Bay Dumps 3D Cameras on Transformers 3!”

  1. One can always hope, right?

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