Two Asteroids Miss Hitting the Earth on Wednesday!

Earth had another in its long line of close calls, according to the Telegraph, when two asteroids narrowly missed hitting the earth this week:

The first asteriod christened 2010 RX30, was about 65 feet (20 metres) in diameter and flew past at a distance of 154,000 miles early at 9:51am on Wednesday.

The second, called 2010 RF12, was roughly two-thirds the size of its big brother and estimated to pass within just 49,088 miles of Earth hours later.

While they were visible to many amateur stargazers, space agency researchers said neither asteroid posed a risk to earth.

Experts, however, said the “double-whammy” served as a reminder of other potentially hazardous objects expected to narrowly miss Earth in coming years.

Why do we find it so disturbing that such a potential catastrophe could happen on a Wednesday?  Wednesday just isn’t a day for catastrophes.  Monday?  Sure.  Tuesday?  Definitely.  Even Thursday has a bit of a doom-halo about it.  But Wednesday?  No, it just doesn’t seem possible.

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