Doctorow Raves About Gibson’s “Zero History”

William Gibson‘s latest novel Zero History has its official release tomorrow (9/7/10), but it’s already scored a rave from creative commons advocate and science fiction novelist Cory Doctorow.  He calls the novel Gibson’s “best yet” and even explains why:

What makes Zero History into Gibson’s best so far is how absolutely perfectly he captures the futuristic nature of the present day. Milgrim — a junkie dried out after a ten year fugue of living rough and stealing to buy pills — is well-suited to this task, emerging as if from a time-machine into the 21st century in full swing, able to narrate its essential strangeness without seeming contrived. But all of Gibson’s characters are in the business of understanding how we got to this futuristic present, and on every page, there is a jolt of pleasant dissonance as Gibson does the conjurer’s trick of making you look at your surroundings with fresh eyes.

This is Gibson’s ninth novel.  Read the rest of Doctorow’s review here.  And check out the nifty trailer after the jump …


3 Responses to “Doctorow Raves About Gibson’s “Zero History””

  1. Many of Gibson’s post Neuromancer novels have gotten pretty good reviews but have still disappointed… If only he had published a few works before he published Neuromancer we wouldn’t have such high standards.

    • You have a point. But there aren’t many science fiction novels, written by anyone, since Neuromancer that are as good as Neuromancer. From that opening line you knew you were in for something special:

      “The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.”

      Brilliant stuff.

  2. Definitely…. just wish he wasn’t so much of a one hit wonder.

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