Audio: Kim Stanley Robinson Predicts a Coming Utopia

In his Guest of Honor speech at this year’s Worldcon (Aussiecon), Kim Stanley Robinson offered his take on utopia.  It was a speech full of intriguing ideas and fun musings.

Sometimes he’s a bit too optimistic:

The powers of human science and ingenuity are such that even despite this strangely dangerous situation we’re in I have full confidence that people will for their own sakes and for their children’s sakes, will get a grip and, even if it’s 51 per cent, even if it’s a hung parliament with a lot of dealings to pull a few more people into the fold, that’s all you need.

Sometimes convincing:

The more visions we have of a future where things are going right in some large sense, the more we believe in our hearts that we’re headed that way as a consensus culture.

Often quite funny:

Economics is the astrology of our time.

Always worth your time.  And he does it all in the form of an interview with himself.

So if you want to listen to the whole thing.  (And you should.)  You just a click on the play button below.

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