First Published Article on Irish Lake Monsters!

Cryptozoology Online feels they may have found the first printed reference to Irish lake monsters.  The article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on March, 21 1848.  It describes several eyewitness accounts of mysterious creatures in an unnamed lake near Connemara.  The descriptions themselves are quite interesting:

… they were followed, or rather accompanied, by some mysterious body, which was moving through the water close to their boat, and in a direction parallel to their course.  This body, whatever it was , seemed to be endowed with life, and to possess the power of voluntary motion, and presented the appearance of a huge bulk of timber moving the water.  Neither he nor his companions were enabled to perceive anything resembling a head, or to ascertain what means of locomotion it possessed …

He’s another account from the same witness ten years later:

… it presented the appearance of  three boats turned upside down, with intervals between them; that nothing like a head could be distinguished, but that part which was visible was at least … 90 feet in length.

Great accounts.  And we dig the newspaper writing of that era.

Facsimile of the article after the jump.

Here’s the article on itself:

Click on the images to expand them to a readable size.

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