Big Cat Spotted in Scotland!

We must admit, the mysterious big cat sightings are among our favorite recent additions to cryptozoology and Fortean phenomena.  So we’re always excited when a new sighting is reported.  And this one in Scotland has us especially keen.  First because it’s in Scotland.  (No real reason that gets us pumped.  We just love Scotland.)  And, second, there were two independently reported sightings:

The animal was seen by a member of the public walking between Dornoch Caravan Park and the greenkeeper’s shed at Dornoch Golf Club on Saturday around 8am.The sighting is the second in the Easter Ross and Sutherland areas in the past week. Another member of the public spotted what they described as a “very large, muscular black cat with a square head” in the Fendon area of Tain. The animal was described as being around four feet in length, with a two to three-foot-long tail.

In July police warned walkers to take care following the alleged sighting of a big cat at woods near Kincraig, Kingussie. The sighting of a large cat “the size of a German shepherd dog” was reported in woods at Inshriach.

Northern Constabulary are advising noone to approach the animal but to report any sightings to their nearest police station.

One problem with these stories … there’s rarely any follow-up.  But we’re keep scouring the ‘net looking for one.

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