Fan Demands Neil Gaiman Stop Blogging!

Scott Dixon, self-proclaimed fan of Gaiman’s work, tells Gaiman he should roll up his blog and go home.  Here’s the meat of Scott’s argument published on Gaiman’s blog:

I think your journal, which has been one of the more impressive online blogging documents in the internet’s relatively young history, deserves better than to stumble along like a ballplayer past his prime, occasionally swinging and hitting, mostly missing (in this analogy, a ‘miss’ is a day or event unblogged, and there’s been a few of those recently).

Perhaps you can archive as a document of a time period for all to read and enjoy. Or perhaps that long hinted-at publication of sections of it might eventuate. Either way, the journal as it is has had its day. It’s done its job. Its time is past.

Gaiman doesn’t take any of this too seriously responding thusly:

I don’t think anyone else has asked for me to stop it. But no, no plans to end it at this point.

But he adds a promise to return to more consistent blogging when he starts work on his new book, claiming that blogging is “a nice warm up exercise for the mind and the fingers”.

However, despite Gaiman’s protestations, Mr. Dixon raises an interesting point.  Should blogs have a sell-by date?  Obviously, we all vote with our mouse clicks.  And we stop returning to those blogs that no longer entertain us.  But should this be something bloggers take into their own hands?  We’ve all seen blogs die slow, miserable deaths.  Wouldn’t it have been better if the blogger just pulled the plug?

Food for thought.  What do you think?

Why do you stop visiting a blog?  When do you think a blogger should call it day?  Or do you think blogs should go on forever and ever?  Rain or shine.  Sink or swim.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

4 Responses to “Fan Demands Neil Gaiman Stop Blogging!”

  1. Scott Dixon Says:

    Hi guys,

    I just came across this reblog of my post and wanted to thank you for an understanding, measured response. I hope you’re aware I’m a big fan of Mr. Gaiman (I was rather shocked that he actually posted my email, to be honest) and rather than ‘demand’ he excise himself from the interwebs, I just didn’t want his wonderful blog to go the way of so many, many others, which is how – for a while there, at least – it appeared that it would.

    I’m very happy he’s back into full blogging mode and hope the blog continues to a long time. All I can hope for is when it does finally end, it ends properly and fittingly.

    Thanks again,


    • You’re welcome, Scott. Your comments gave us food for thought. We were hoping it would have generated more discussion with our readers. Didn’t happen … c’est la vie.

  2. Scott Dixon Says:

    Indeed. Ah well. Hey, great site by the way.


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