Audio: New EVP’s!

Here’s some impressive new E.V.P.’s  (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from an Austin, Texas ghost hunter.   To kick things off, we have their very first E.V.P.:

This is how they describe this recording:

This was our first recorded EVP! We were doing an investigation in a private residence in North Texas in 2008. We were using dowsing rods to communicate with a small boy. We were running out of questions to ask and Jackie asks if the boy sleeps in the same room with his mommy. We got a response. We did not hear any noises like this on the rest of the audio and no children were present. Not our most impressive piece, but our first.

Next, we have an even creepier recording from the same team:

And here’s what they have to say about this recording:

The Ghost Girls were investigating a private residence in central Texas in April, 2010. We were walking through a room that was being renovated into a kitchen. We were standing next to what would be the pantry door when we caught this evp. We found out later that the room used to be a bedroom.

And, lastly, we present our favorite of this team’s EVPs, featuring three recordings:

Here’s how they describe this one:

Here are three EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) that we caught in a private residence in Central Texas. We stayed overnight at this residence in April, 2010.

If you want more information about this group of investigators you can visit their official website here.

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