How Zoos Keep Animals Cool During Heat Wave

We humans might snag a ice cream or Popsicle to help fight off the summer heat.  But what do our local zoo animals do?  Well, thanks to some creative zoo management, they get much the same treatment.

John Piazza of the Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo of Massachusetts told AOL News:

For the carnivores, we do bloodsicles … We take it from the big buckets of blood from the meat in their diet.

And if that doesn’t do much for your appetite than the treat the Tarmarin Monkeys get won’t help either:

Popsicles filled with a mix of insects, fruits and vegetables.

Other zoos merely hose down their animals or offer frozen water bottles or slabs of ice.  But all seem to realize that zoo animals get hot too.  And that’s nice to know.

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