EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Musical Opening in Brooklyn!

The musical version of Edward Scissorhands makes its debuts Friday (06/25/10)  at Brooklyn’s Bayard Studio Theatre.

Playbill says this of the production:

The dark fairy tale seeks to remind “audience members about lost innocence, pure love and the power of evil,” according to the producers. It’s billed as “a story about a man who was created by a mad inventor in a castle overlooking the perfect Rockwellian suburban hamlet. Unfortunately, Edward’s creator dies before he is able to finish what he set out to accomplish. Edward is left alone, isolated from the outside world with blades for fingers. Eventually Edward meets a door-to-door make-up saleswoman, who decides to take him home to live with her family in the town below.”

They also offer this on the Bayard Studio Theatre:

Crawford chose the Bayard Studio Theater because “it is a very unique experience,” according to production notes. “When you come in there is live music, you get your own candle lit table … you can drink. It’s reminiscent of a Parisian speakeasy.”

That may be laying it on a bit thick.  But Bayard is a unique space, and a smart choice for this production.

Tickets are still on sale (for only $15!) visit Bayard’s official website here for more information.

4 Responses to “EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Musical Opening in Brooklyn!”

  1. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Musical Opening in Brooklyn!…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. hi.our theater dept. is interested in seeing your show.would it be possible for a comp.ticket this wed. matinee. thanks in advance leslie kroth,theater coordinator.

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