Video: DC Comics iPad and iPhone Apps!

DC comics has joined the digital revolution, launching comics apps for the iPad and iPhone.  And the most exciting thing about this launch is the inclusion of day-and-date release of some of their ongoing titles.  First up will be  the mini-series “Justice League:  Generation Lost”.

The only downside is the price.  They’re charging the same for the digital and print editions, and with a sticker of $2.99 it might not attract as many readers as they hope.  Although their catalog titles are cheaper,  many as low as 99 cents.

In addition to releasing comic on their own apps, the DC catalog will also be available through Comixology and on the Playstation Network for viewing via your PSP or with the aid of Media Go on your PC.

After their weakest sales decade in comic book history, digital comics could be just the tool DC and other American comic book companies need to usher in a new boom period.  Sure, there will always be those who prefer to read the comics on paper.  But new fans of the medium are needed wherever they come from.  And the convenience of digital comics is hard to beat.

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