More Details from Scott on ALIEN Prequel!

A few more details from Ridley Scott about the Alien prequel surfaced in a recent interview from Hero Complex L.A.:

I sat thinking about the franchise, which now has died on the road somewhere way back and lying in the dust, and thought what I should do is go back… in the first Alien, when John Hurt climbed up and over the top of the rise… there was a massive giant lying in a chair. The chair was either a form of engine or some piece of technology and I always thought no one has ever asked who was the space jockey?”

I think beneath that carcass… it’s not a carcass, it’s a suit. Inside the suit is a being.

Sure, it’s not much.  But it does suggest that the so-called “space jockey” (pictured above) will be something different than what we’ve imagined for thirty years.

2 Responses to “More Details from Scott on ALIEN Prequel!”

  1. actually, people have been speculating on what the “space jockey” was since the movie’s release.
    i even remember an old ALIENS comic book that included aliens of that character’s species fighting the bad-guy aliens.

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