Large Cat Spotted in Cinicinnati Area

On Thursday, 26, 2010 officials received reports of a large white cat roaming in the Avondale area.  Fire Fighters searched several places within the Phoenix Learning Center where the animal had been spotted, but found no evidence of such a creature.

It’s unclear at this time where these sightings were of an actual cat, possibly owned by a local resident; or if this fits into the mysterious large cat sightings — a relatively new phenomena in the cryptozoological community.  Although the cats spotted in those reports are usually black.


2 Responses to “Large Cat Spotted in Cinicinnati Area”

  1. we saw 2 of these gigantic, but black cats that are really scary, one was the mom, and we don’t live were wild cats live. The fangs we saw were about 2/3 of a foot big and 4 inches wide. we found some jaw bones, and the cat was about, well we cant put a number on how big it is, but maybe you can. we got a good look at it and it stared at us with its red eyes. please contact us at for questions or replys. thanks for reading hope you see this soon!

  2. forgot to say, in the town of elma WA 98541 this is very abnormal for this very small town

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