Bram Stoker Award Winners!

Last weekend, the Horror Writers Association announced the winners of their annual Bram Stoker Awards.  Here they are:

  • Superior Achievement in a NOVEL – Audrey’s Door by Sarah Langan (Harper)
  • Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL – Damnable by Hank Schwaeble (Jove)
  • Superior Achievement in LONG FICTION – The Lucid Dreaming by Lisa Morton (Bad Moon Books)
  • Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION – “In the Porches of My Ears” by Norman Prentiss (POSTSCRIPTS #18)
  • Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY – He Is Legend edited by Christopher Conlon (Gauntlet Press)
  • Superior Achievement in a COLLECTION – A Taste of Tenderloin by Gene O’Neill (Apex Book Company)
  • Superior Achievement in NONFICTION – Writers Workshop of Horror by Michael Knost (Woodland Press)
  • Superior Achievement in POETRY – Chimeric Machines by Lucy A. Snyder (Creative Guy Publishing)

If you haven’t read any good horror lately, these would all be good choices to entertain and keep you reading into the wee small hours of the night.

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