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Ridley Scott ALIEN Prequel to be in 3D!

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In an interview with Shadow Locked, Alien art director Roger Christian said:

Ridley’s doing the next Alien in 3D.

Christian went on to say:

Ridley told me some of his ideas when we were here in Toronto. He has a very clear understanding of where this should go. They kind of stopped dead one of the greatest horror franchises there’s ever been, and it had legs to go on. So I’m hoping he’ll revive another three. The world certainly wants it, and the fans want it – everybody.

We’re still skeptical about this source.  We await confirmation directly from the Scott camp.  But, given the mania for 3D these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if this news were true.

Jet-Packs to Go on Sale!

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C’mon, who amoung us didn’t dream as kids of one day owning a jet-pack?  Well, soon you’ll be able to make that dream a reality.   The twin-prop “jet-pack” (pictured above) made by Martin Aircraft of New Zealand are rolling off the assembly line soon, and expected to retail for about £50,000.  And due to it’s relative small size, you will not require a pilot’s license to fly one!   But, frankly, we’d want some kind of training before we took one of these into the air.

The craft flies for about about 3o minutes on a full tank, can travel up to 60 mph, and up to heights of 2,400 feet.

Sure, this isn’t the streamlined jet-pack of the likes worn by our heroes in movies and comic books.  But it’s still damn cool.  And we really want one.  Hmmm …  now where are we gonna find that £50,000?

Video: Romero’s SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD Red Band Trailer

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Here’s the R-rated trailer for Survival of the Dead the latest entry in George Romero’s zombie series.

Although many horror fans prefer the neo-zombie movies.  And we dig those too.  But we also love to see the master return again to his zombie roots.

Comics: Batman and Robin #10 Preview

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One of the favorite comics of last year was Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin.  A series which saw Dick Grayson (former Robin and Nightwing) taking on the cowl of the Batman after Bruce Wayne’s apparent demise, and Bruce Wayne’s odd son Damian in the Robin costume.  (Name a kid Damian, you know he’s gonna be trouble.)  It was brilliant, bizarre and ground-breaking.

Well, the story is continuing, and starting in #10 (going on sale next Wednesday,  March 10,  2010) we will see the beginning of the “Return of Bruce Wayne” storyline.   Can’t wait a week?  Check out these preview pages:

Click on any of these thumbnails for a larger image.

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