Most Haunted House in America!

Scott Johnson at Dread Central has a great piece on the Winchester House.   Built by a member of the Winchester family (creators of the repeating rifle), it was actually designed to accomodate ghosts.  And, if reports are to be believed, it worked:

some believe that there are hundreds of displaced spirits still roaming the halls. Some place the number even higher. Most reports come in the form of phantom footsteps, unlocked doors, and cold spots, but there are a few that are stranger than most.

Here Johnson tells us about couple of the most famous apparitions:

The first is a worker with a dark moustache in white overalls, who is always seen pushing a wheelbarrow. Dozens have seen him and identified him from an old photograph that hangs in the gardener’s toolshed. The other appears to be Sarah Winchester herself, still walking the grounds, her dress black and her face covered by a black veil. While many ask if she’s part of the promotion of the house, no such person has ever been employed there.

Sounds like a fascinating place to visit.  Check out the house’s official website to learn more.

4 Responses to “Most Haunted House in America!”

  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely GREAT!!!! Would love to post a picture of the house on my blog too. What do you say?

  2. Listen, how do I subscribe to your blog?

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